Telecommunication Battery Solution

Telecommunication Battery Solution

Mobile telecommunication companies spend millions of dollars purchasing and maintaining industrial battery banks for power backup of mission critical switching and base-station site hardware.  In the case of a power outage, “battery failure” can mean an interruption in mobile communications.  This translates directly into lost revenues and dissatisfied customers.  One of the largest U.S. mobile telecommunication providers has stated that an outage of one hour for a switch site in the U.S. will typically cost $800,000 in lost revenues.  Obviously, the financial costs associated with an outage will vary from country to country, and also with relation to the density of the population being served by the site.  Nonetheless, this example proves useful for understanding the financial and commercial importance of ensuring that industrial standby batteries are properly maintained so that they will perform when needed.  Presently, there is no technology that accurately and cost-effectively monitors the exact health of the battery banks at these sites.  As a result, most companies in the mobile telecommunications industry deploy one or both of the following “solutions to address this problem”:

Regular preventive maintenance visits to sites, performed by crews of qualified maintenance engineers;

Aggressive battery replacement policies, essentially replacing batteries long before they reach the end of their useful life.

GREEN SUPPLY COMMUNICATIONS ( gscomm ) technology essentially with a rapid measurement, you can gain precise information on the current health of a battery as well as an accurate prediction of when each battery will approach failure.  Furthermore, the technology allows a technician to gain valuable insights into the precise elements (Electrical or Chemical) within a battery that has degraded and will eventually cause a failure of the entire back-up power system.  The resulting cost savings for mobile telecommunications companies are realized as increased efficiencies in the time spent performing maintenance duties at base stations, coupled with a longer “Effective Battery Life” of each battery or cell throughout the entire network.  More importantly, telecommunications companies will enjoy a higher level of confidence that their back-up power systems will perform when needed.

Our solution include :

1- Online Continuos 24/7 Monitoring and controlling.

2- Maintaining services.

3- Repairing Services of Expensive Battery Banks.

Please contact us for further information.


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