We offer two main services:

1- Battery Repair Services for telecom and forklift.  (+ BATTERYCARE )

2- Telecom solutions.

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we provide full forklift battery services & repair

ON SITE SERVICE VS. SHOP REPAIR: Depending on thesituation, we either dispatch a service technician to make the necessary on site repairs, or a delivery truck to pick up your ailing battery or charger and install a rental for you to use while we evaluate yours. A full test report and written repair proposal will follow, with all repairs guaranteed for one year.

BATTERY CLEANING:  Industrial Battery clean and neutralize your batteries at your location with our portable, self-contained battery cleaning station. We take the contaminated wash water away with us, so your facility is kept clean and dry, and your company is not exposed to potential EPA liability caused by contaminated wash water run off.

Contact our service department for pricing. Available in most major markets for one or more batteries and nation wide for large fleets. Our service techs arrive and inspect, number (when applicable), and clean your batteries without interrupting your plant’s day-to-day operations. This service can be performed whenever it is most convenient, 24hrs / 7 days a week. Outside of our normal service area? No problem. We ship in our equipment and fly in our service technicians at no extra charge (100 battery minimum).

RENTAL BATTERIES: Need an extra battery or charger for your busy season? We stock new and reconditioned batteries and chargers, available for short and long term rental. Contact our service department for rates and availability.

We provide a full telecom battery repair and service

We provide a full telecom battery repair and service

TECHNICAL SUPORT HOTLINE: Having difficulty trouble shooting or diagnosing a battery charger problem? Contact our service department and let one of our technicians walk you through the process.

BATTERY RECYCLING: WE BUY USED INDUSTRIAL BATTERIES AND CHARGERS! WE BUY SCRAP BATTERIES! Get the highest price available anywhere for your used, scrap or trade in equipment. All scrap batteries are 100% recycled at one of our modern smelting facilities. Nothing is wasted and you are helping to protect the environment.


(GSC)  works on enabling carriers and enterprises with its partners to stay ahead of the exploding demand for high-bandwidth applications and services.

(GSC) has new wireless networking technology solutions, any firm can use any device,computer, printer or Web-enabled device in the organization from the same Internet connection. Our Solutions (GSC) cover many industries such as:

– Ministries

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.15.07 AM

– Military

– Telecom Operators

– Oil & Gas

– Health Care Industry

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.14.39 AM

– Shopping Malls

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.14.54 AM

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